10 Games That COPIED Fortnite

10 Games That COPIED Fortnite
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  1. Bro these games are cracked you just dont have a good gaming chair U-U

  2. Ive played creative destruction because im on a phone

  3. They didn't copied they just made players play in mobiles

  4. Roblox dont copied its the people who made the game who was like fortnite

  5. Ah yes roblox takes inspiration from Minecraft when it came out 3 years earlier

  6. Roblox ppl can make there on game eg piggy

  7. Every body should know roblox is everything

  8. Number 5 is more of pubg clone looking at buildings, gameplay and so on.

  9. Do you know if your iPad doesn’t have enough storage and you have robloxYou can type Fortnite and it’s a big help

  10. not fortnite but specifically battle royale PLEASE get this right

  11. Margins I play that on my own I not watch video and I have it install it a good game but you need to be level 5 to battle royale

  12. well roblox is not the one who copied it its the developer of the fake fortnite game on roblox so dont blame roblox

  13. Roblox never copied fornite:/ Can we just stop hating on eachother and get along with eachother?

  14. roblox:we hate fortnite
    also roblox: copied fortnite

  15. Stop comparing roblox to mine craft like they are similar, roblox isn't always blocky. It has way more variety than fortnite and minecraft.

  16. I think sausage man takes inspiration from fortnite

  17. Lol It's just a roblox creator that made scrucid, It wasn't the creator of roblox.

  18. The rocket in rocket Royale is another way to win instead of being last man standing you can be a sub winner by building a rocket

  19. I don't understand y free fire ain't here just play it and see

  20. Technically Minecraft copied the blocky style of Roblox seeing as Roblox came out before Minecraft

  21. 6:23 …can we take a minute to think about the fact that the red shields have the symbol of the jedi order on them?

  22. 9 months ago

    Props to rocket royale, it was one of the best battle royale games I’ve playe. the rockets can be made by meteors that randomly spawn around the map you can win by making a rocket and wait for it to fuel up or you can be the last man standing. If your not aloud to play fortnite I recommend you get this

  23. you’ve gotten way more energetic in a good way, you are pretty 😐 in this vid, in the latest few months you’ve been like 🙂

  24. Fun fact: Forntnite is inspired by roblox, its just like fortnite but with like lego character, Wich Roblox created before fortnite, and Fortnite Sandbox Steal Roblox Sandbox Logo

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