10 Games That COPIED Fortnite

10 Games That COPIED Fortnite
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  1. I’ve played rocket royale when I didn’t have fortnight

  2. Roblox is made by a lot of developers they give credit give it a break

  3. Roblox is before minecraft so minecraft took blocky from roblox

  4. Mad guns in not trying to rip off it is a shooting game not a rip off fool

  5. A fun fact fortnite is not the first battle Royale game in fact the first games are pupg and other games that I idk

  6. Not all battle royals are clones but some are blatant clones

  7. creative destruction is way better than fortnite just because nobody builds a 5 story 5 star hotel in the span of 1.1 milliseconds after getting hit for 1 damage. But seriously, if your gonna say a Helicopter for the drop vehicle is a battle bus you would probably end up saying Warzone copys Fortnite

  8. He sounds like he doesn’t want to be there

  9. Top5Gaming: Creative Destruction has pretty neat graphics for a mobile game
    Me CODM and Asphalt fan : Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh shut ur damn mouth

  10. 2:39
    well you would be wrong because Roblox was made in 2006 and Minecraft is made in 2009 or like 2010 or something so yeah

  11. If professor x can move stuff with his mind
    Why can’t he move his legs
    Also, if twins get into a fight… can they call each other ugly

  12. what's funny is that I got a ad for a fortnite clone while watching this video, ironic.

  13. yep i know i been see all game that's look like fortnite in android in since fortnite release or else

  14. I have played rocket royale before and the rockets are for getting a dub, basically instead of last player standing, you have to gather enough mats to build a rocket, then let kt finish charging and hopefully not get killed in the process as the rockest are visible from the map, and one a player blasts off they get first place, and the mal is covered it toxic gas

  15. fun fact roblox got released in 2006 and minecraft got released in 2011

  16. roblox camem out in 2006 fortnite did in 2017 fortnite copied roblox and among us

  17. there is also a game called super animal Royale.It's actually not bad, instead of people you play as an animal obviously and instead of shields you get an armour chest plate and there is no builds

  18. I am a creative destruction guy it is a grate game I once tried to set up fortnight of my system but it was agonizingly hard to start the game so I never got to play fortnight and when I stumbled upon creative destruction it was amazing It is so easy to figure it out and even better to play I can Evan play on my IPad creative destruction rules also the weapons and character customization are way better

  19. Fortnite copied the color scheme for the weapon rarity from borderlands. Not destiny as some fools may assume.

  20. Roblox came before minecraft

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