10 Games That COPIED Fortnite

10 Games That COPIED Fortnite
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  1. Sausage man isn't a fortnite rip off its a rip off of pubg

  2. Most unoriginalni can think of is night fort

  3. Roblox was created in 2006 while Minecraft was created in 2011

  4. If you think you can make money copying games it will just make people hate your game and you have none of you learned your lessons watch YouTube idiots and press the dang like button while your at it

  5. Um Roblox was before fortnite also strucid just helps people who are on iPad and can’t play

  6. Wearing hats would make it harder to line up a headshot

  7. I did not know structid had that gamemode

  8. You forgot pixel gun 3D, battle royale gamemode. (It is a really good game tho)

  9. I've actually played rocket royale

  10. Why are you even blaming roblox it’s just fan game

  11. Top5gaming they didn't get it from minecraft they got their design from lego

  12. I don't think Sausage Man is a rip-off, more like an inspired cool game

  13. Bro like they didn't copied it they made a ripoff version so other can play that dont have fortnite

  14. at The Robot Warior That Polish Kid Was Actually Hacking The Items To Get Them Fot Free

  15. Sausage man seems more like a pubg clone than a fortnite clone

  16. U will read this wrong:I if have3 dogs and 3 add how will much i get

  17. Wdym Roblox inspired by Minecraft Roblox came first

  18. Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

  19. The 'sausage man's one is more of a pubg rip off and the 2nd one the robot fortnite thingy is so bad I want to make a video about swearing about it's EXISTENCE

  20. 4:42 Those are keywords so that it pops up when you search for ANY of those.

  21. I HATE when people say roblox copied minecraft like roblox was release in 2004 and minecraft was made in 2008 roblox was a copied of lego they got sued so they had to change evrything

  22. Fact: on Thumbnail was roblox, and roblox was created Before fortnite

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