10 Games That COPIED Fortnite

10 Games That COPIED Fortnite
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  1. Roblox didnt make the fortnite ripoffs the players did c:

  2. Sec Pubg is my fav game in mobile my fave is cod

  3. These rip offs are missing live events 🥹

  4. Bro tommy must have not wanted to record at the beginning he was like sub scribe for I dunno 10 years of good luck and more

  5. Ndjisaihdfhusidhusdhshdjsdhjshdusjdishdushduwhduwh says:


  6. pixels unkown battleground I believe stole models from a game called tiny town vr

  7. epic is slyboy129 watched whole video awesome content

  8. There are way better roblox fortnite clones btw.

  9. I play rocket Royale it’s kind of fun but Fortnite is more fun also call of duty is like Fortnite

  10. This is for the people who can't make a Fortnite account

  11. Fortnight version 20Has the Star Wars logo the world wars

  12. I feel like he’s just getting battle royale like games and calling them clones for views and a long video

  13. Fun fact: roblox is 3 years older then minecraft

  14. Yeah right ✅️ I am with your side but fortnite copied "caw catcher" from free fire(clue)

  15. There are different battle rollele games you know

  16. The number 5 spot in this video ripped of Fortnite AND pixel gun 3D

  17. Roblox’s players make there own thing like Fortnite shirts

  18. Subscribe to me and i'll subscribe back. says:

    Wait why u sound so depressed?

  19. Make vid of games copied other games like phasmophobia, csgo, gmod or fnf lol i think someday all owners will sue roblox for that.

  20. 4:50 nah u tripping that game is goat also it was made in 1569 so it’s more original plus my great ancestors who played it put a 5 star review on the Istone + and that game is way better than fortnite

  21. There’s another ripoff called Fight Night Battle Royale. It legit installs a virus on your device and you have to go to the company’s hq to get it deleted.

  22. the thumbnail is literally Just his Roblox skin

  23. 2:39 Correction: Roblox's idea was created at least a decade before minecraft's, and even the official release came before minecraft's.

  24. Bro roblox was out before minecraft they didn’t adapt to the blocky style

  25. Fr I don’t see anyone definitely don’t see anyone

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