10 Best Games That Let You Build the Ultimate Weapon

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Guns and ammo are the key elements of pretty much every video game on the face of the earth and modding your weapon after your own taste is possibly the most satisfying feeling a gamer could ever experience. In today’s video we are going to take a look at 10 of the most intense games that really let us modify or straight up build the arsenal of our dreams. Additional barrels, scopes, silencers and magazines are just some of the most common aspects that you’ll be able to change in these insanely customizable video games.

Narrator: Davide Arbisi

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  1. thank's for anohter awesome video good work ! 🙂

  2. Roses are red
    Violets are blue.
    I am not the first.
    Neither are you

  3. but what game is the thumbnail from though?

  4. i gonna take your dislike turn that into something stic that straight up your canddy ass

  5. first dislike, I like the video but i have to be first at something lmao

  6. I Thought Army Of Two: The Devils Cartel Was Gonna be in here

  7. So why was TitanFall 2 in the thumbnail? Absolutely no reason? Oh that makes total sense…

  8. Some game are fun will some or bull shit, but far from that it is OK with me…………………….

  9. frag hero didn't you make a video like this already?

  10. ok lol I figured you re-upload it did you delete it by accident? and love your vids man

  11. I just love how modular the weapons in Homefront The Revolution are

  12. am I the only one that thinks dead space 3 should at least get an hounerable mention

  13. 私の名前を翻訳しないでください says:

    "BEST Games That Let You Build the Ultimate Weapon"
    What is Homefront Revolution doing in here

  14. For those looking at getting blacklight, unfortunately it's dead, it's been in that way for over a year. There is no community or support on the game, just a heads up.

  15. Borderlands franchise, mass effect franchise

  16. line of sight
    i made my p90 not look like a p90

  17. please make a video on top free shooting fps games.

  18. Seems a bit old. Blacklight Retribution footage appears to be at least 2 years old.

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