10 best games like Minecraft

Are you all mined out of Minecraft? Here are 10 engaging games that are worth digging into. Hear it all with the PRO X Gaming Headset:

Games in the video:
1 Satisfactory
2 Terraria
3 Staxel
4 Stardew Valley
5 No Man’s Sky
6 LEGO Worlds
7 Subnautica
8 Astroneer
9 Forager
10 Portal Knights

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  1. Terrorists has eyes that from boss called creeper

  2. nice video but there are some game that copied minecraft witch i hates

  3. i played this minecraft like game called worlds frvr

  4. 3:55 there was a game like Minecraft like that but i don't remember the name can someone please tell me PLEASE I NEED IT

  5. Forger actually looks like it’s right up my alley plus it looks like Advanced Wars 2!! I loved that gameAlso ironically most of these games made me want to keep playing Minecraft because I like the freedom of being able to build literally anything. It doesn’t have to be a base and if im going to build a spaceship in a game I’d like to make it any size I want and any color I want with any additional parts I want. Again I can build all of this in MineCraft and I don’t care if I can’t fly a spaceship in it atleast I can build something myself and be able to say “I built that” and it wasn’t pre-generated before hand

  6. You forgot about survival craft. Its better than minecraft.

  7. Even tho these games are like Minecraft Minecraft is still better

  8. Please another "best games to play with a Logitech Racing Wheel"

  9. how about putting the list in the description

  10. satisfactory is, as is now in august 2019, still under development. Early access.

  11. Love your voice, great vid. How bout Mini World?


  13. I love how diverse the Minecraft-like games are. We are truly spoiled gamers, happy gamers 🙂
    Keep it up with the channel!

  14. Terraria was surprisingly good although unforgiving. I remember a constant theme was falling down holes where there was no way of getting out & losing all my really good rare, late game equipment.

  15. I'm still grabbing my pickaxes these were weak.

  16. I feel like you gave really good examples for why each game ties to Minecraft. I would love to see more content like this!

  17. Great review of MC like games and the person doing the great voice work has a fun demeanor to them. Earned a sub with the many elements that came together here.

  18. If ur at the end of normal minecraft play some mod packs

  19. When hytale comes out I hope it’s like modded Minecraft with new ores – copper lead nickel platinum cobalt etc new plants and animals and season and biomes

  20. please make contents like this and beautiful adore games similar to other games I would appreciate it 😀 [example: staxel I just discovered a game which is similar to my related games I always wanted to find games like those types and you made me get it so you will deserve +1 sub!]

  21. Thank God you recommend Terraria cause Minecraft recommend Terraria

  22. Best game like minecraft top 6 minecraft in the list of minecraft

  23. You Forgot Miniworld! I Played That Game
    Edit: Oops Theres A Comment Fo This

  24. my cousin literally likes csgo and minecraft only wtf do i do

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