10 best games like Minecraft

Are you all mined out of Minecraft? Here are 10 engaging games that are worth digging into. Hear it all with the PRO X Gaming Headset:

Games in the video:
1 Satisfactory
2 Terraria
3 Staxel
4 Stardew Valley
5 No Man’s Sky
6 LEGO Worlds
7 Subnautica
8 Astroneer
9 Forager
10 Portal Knights

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  1. id play NO MAN SKY but i cannot for the life of me fly the bloody ship spinning and crashing all over i can fly better on Elite dangerous-

  2. There was once a game like Minecraft there were weird mobs and there were blocks that had angles in the shape like this 📐

  3. What about Scrap Mechanic?, it's a next-gen Minecraft, except apart from building bases and killing hostiles, you can make submarines, boats, planes, and ground vehicles, you can even make a flying base, though I think it might need a bigger creative map to let more space for planes and bombing runs.

  4. Terraria still the best especially when you play modded

  5. Subnautica is by far the best on this list

  6. Man I used to play Stardew Valley I even made Wife in game also I reached 4 years in game the fun was gone so I have no choice but to delete it and all those save files are gone 😟.

  7. Btw add
    Mini world block art or survivalcraft 2

  8. "and they say gaming makes us unproductive"
    being productive in a game doesnt mean your not unproductive in real life because when you sit there on it are you being productive ? no …

  9. You forgeted some games like minecraft 1. Valheim 2. Mini world block art

  10. 😭😭😭😭 I can not get non of the games 😭😭😭😭 I am really crying 😭😭

  11. I love how the narrator pronounce "Minecraft", she sounds cute.

  12. No it's because my mom can't afford Minecraft

  13. Portal knights number one once sandbox game i really like that

  14. i like how minecraft is a nice game like minecraft

  15. I have played minecraft so much I’m trying to make a new fav game I’m not able to
    Trying for a whole year

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