10 best games like Minecraft

Are you all mined out of Minecraft? Here are 10 engaging games that are worth digging into. Hear it all with the PRO X Gaming Headset:

Games in the video:
1 Satisfactory
2 Terraria
3 Staxel
4 Stardew Valley
5 No Man’s Sky
6 LEGO Worlds
7 Subnautica
8 Astroneer
9 Forager
10 Portal Knights

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  1. im surprised harvest moon is not on the list

  2. oh my god, finally a video like this that didn't call terraria a minecraft clone, and recognised it for how good it actually is

  3. Games like minecraft
    1st = roblox
    2nd = pk xd
    3rd= reworld

  4. me who clicked on this with the cool hp mouse
    logitech: wait thats illegal

  5. very well done video thanks a lot. this is what I needed after losing my enchanted set in nether I spent tens of hours putting together 😀

  6. just moved to iPhone and i can’t restore purchases so i don’t have minecraft anymore :/

  7. Westbrook Close to Minecraft and like Minecraft want to watch the nearest like and it doesn't cost money

  8. "Moyang"
    made me chuckle, thanks
    Cool accent

  9. I can't remember how many years ago this game was a thing but I remember this game that had blocky graphics and you created a pick out of a sharp stone and a tick and I think the hunger bar had was bread slices or mushrooms I can't remember too much since it was so long ago but if anyone could tell me please tell me I wanna find it again

  10. Blockman go is should be 1st number to be similar Minecrat XD

  11. ok i was about to dis on this video for putting terraria on the list and how terraria is its own game but you actually gave terraria the respect that it deserves

  12. I'm not much of a gamer but I've grown so bored of games like Minecraft and The Sims. Thank you for this!

  13. please put raft, my friend thinks its a perfect fit to be in this video 🙂

  14. Ark and Don't Starve is on this list too. I like Ark.

  15. I would say the best 2D minecraft esk game I've ever tried would be Forager. It is free on XBOX gamepass.

    In a summary.

    The plot of factorial, you build to make a empire + Stardew Valley 2D view + Minecrafts Simple Graphics.

    OST is definitely very unique. I recommend for stardew valley players.

  16. Why did you say mojang as J and H sound

  17. Terraria and minecraft are not the same both are masterpiece in diffrent way

  18. This chanel is totally amazing specifically Your voice over is like ASMR. The videos that this chanel makes always engages me. I don't understand why it is underrated it should have 10M subscribers or more

  19. I came here after hearing about the abusive chat reporting system in Minecraft.

  20. Started looking for a new minecraft like game after caves and cliffs, the new cave system and mountains just took the fun out the game, caves are now just annoying. I play minecraft casually and im not very good. So the update took the fun out

  21. Yeah like I'm really not a big fan of it but I want to play it because my friend is getting a friend that for me looks suspicious and he likes him cos he plays mincraft so I'd like to try it bit it costs money!

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