10 Best Couch Co-op Games of All Time

Looking to play offline with a friend or two? We’ve got you covered with our favorite co op game recommendations!
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  1. My all time favorite is blackops 1 and 2 both game in both zombies n multiplayer splitscreen

  2. Hope this helps someone out:

    0:25 10) Gears of War series (specially 2 and 4)
    1:16 9) Borderlands series
    2:18 8) LEGO games (specially Star Wars)
    3:24 7) Resident Evil 5
    4:18 6) Army of 2
    5:19 5) Hell Divers
    6:09 4) Overcooked (1 and 2)
    7:11 3) A Way Out
    8:23 2) Portal 2
    9:14 1) Cuphead

    Honorable mentions: BattleBlock Theater, Resident Evil Revelations (1 and 2), Enter the Gungeon

  3. Honoured mention to the timesplitters games, spilinter cell chaos theory, convictions and blacklist πŸ˜‚

  4. All out of bubblegum is fun even though it gets buggy late game πŸ˜‚

  5. So glad army of two made it !! And to be honest right after I’ve seen gears of war made it to the list I was sure army of two would have been there too !

  6. Ben 10 power trip is also an amazing couch coop pc game.

  7. Of all time? Oh please, before any of these games… The warriors did it. The warriors did it. The warriors did it.

  8. It takes two is also really good πŸ‘Œ

  9. I remember all of the good co-op games when I was a kid on ps1 ps2. These new co-ops suck

  10. Another fun game in coop is Diablo 3(console only). Works offline and you can play the whole game in coop mode at a max of 4 players.

  11. I think my favorite couch co-op ever was playing
    Spyro Dawn of the dragon with my little sister!

  12. My favorite older couch game was star wars battle front 2 (not the newer one) had such great times on that classic game

  13. i believe dungeon defenders and castle crashers belong here too

  14. This should be named as top 10 shooting couch co op games.

    There are lots of couch co op like
    Mortal Kombat sholin monks, WWE, justice league and others.

  15. It’s hard enough getting my wife to play anything with me already but the lack of options makes it almost impossible

  16. Cuphead really is a class of its own. The artwork – perfect. Controls are sooooo crispycrunchy. If you ever fail – it is your fault. The game runs perfectly and is beatable without being damaged – if only you can get all the patterns right. Easy enough you think? Think again. So cool and so frustrating and SO COOL. And so I WANT TO TRY THAT LEVEL for the 300th time before I sleep!

  17. I know people have probably said this but: Bungie- era- Halo (maybe Halo 4) are great Co-op games. maybe the best co op games

  18. In Army of 2, I looked at the ratingd and almost all of them were saying that they temoved CO-OP

  19. Guns gore and cannoli is one of the best coop games , few people actually know about it

  20. I remember A Third person Shooting Game On Xbox 360 Where you Played With your Buddy Split screen on campaign 2p and both were different characters i forgot the name if anyone helps me i would appreciate it

  21. Divinity original Sin 1 + 2 is missing in this List

  22. i can't believe Divinity: Original Sin 2 isn't on the list literally the best game of all time especially If you play it co op

  23. On the more retro side, I'd put Worms, Bomberman, Contra and Mario Kart on there.

  24. Hi newbie in console here, I just want to ask the coop means you can play together using the 2 controllers in one console like one monitor? In offline mode right? Hope you can help me thanks

  25. For me a good co op is 7 days to die. On consoles. It have no updates for years.
    Its a super zombi fps/ open world game. Where you dont have to stay round the host player and go explore on your own. Ore devend your base together. And this all ofline

  26. The games are so good but Dont forget It Takes Two!!
    A Really good non-repetitive game!

  27. Nothing i loved more than playing resi 5 coop with my brother. We search since years for a game like that

  28. bo zombies is still the golden standard for "boys are over, blunts are rolled"

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