#1 South Carolina Gamecocks Women’s Basketball vs. #24 UNC Tarheels WBB – (11/30/2023 – FULL GAME)

Game Six of the Gamecocks’ 2023-2024 Season.

#1 South Carolina Gamecocks Women’s Basketball vs. #24 North Carolina Tarheels Women’s Basketball – (11/30/2023 – FULL GAME REPLAY)

The #1 Gamecocks (5-0) are on the Road in Chapel Hill, NC to Face the #24 North Carolina Tarheels (5-2).

The Gamecocks Have Been Very Impressive So Far this Season, with Four 100+ Point Scoring Games (2 Over Top 15 Teams).
In this Sixth Game of the 2023-2024 Season, the Gamecocks of the SEC Face the #24 Tarheels of the ACC in the 3rd Early Season Top 25 Matchup of the Young Season for South Carolina .

This Game is Part of the “ACC/SEC Challenge” and Features the 2023 National “Sixth Woman of the Year”, Kamilla Cardoso, Along with a Very Talented, & Highly Touted Roster of Young Players for the Gamecocks, and 2 Time All ACC, and Former McDonalds All American Deja Kelly Who is the Leading Scorer for the Tarheels.





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  1. yess robbie, with the quick video 👏🏾

  2. Thank you so much Mr. Robbie! You are so appreciated!!

  3. Thanks again Robbie for your brilliant work! The game was a little too close for comfort but glad we pulled it out.

  4. This was a good learning experience for us . We need these to build us up . Good games ladies

  5. 1:31:51 5 seconds violation and #10 SC in replays in different timeline when i watched shoved people twice and no technical. Veterans refs my ass. Clearly biasing for SC

  6. Thanks Robbie! Being able to watch these videos is priceless!

  7. Appreciate everything you do for Gamecock FANS Robbie!! Thank you!!

  8. I was scared there but we held on til the last minutes. And we need this to happen to know that everyone that steps on the floor is a competitor. Thanks Robbie you’re the best.

  9. Thank you Sir, Blessings ❤ to you and your family Always

  10. Sania ????!!!!!! Why has she been here 3 years and still lazy on defense?

  11. Cardoso was sooo wrong for that look towards Deja 🤣🤣

  12. Thank you Robbie as always!!! Keep up the great work

  13. yea Tehinaaa 👏🏽 LFG!!! reppin’ 🇦🇸🙌🏽

  14. These two commentary ladies were really hoping for a upset from No1 team.

  15. This was a good challenge for the gamecocks and they did well👏🏿💪🏿 thank you Robbie lol it’s about to be March in a minute 😋

  16. I know one thing if Staley keep pulling that move she just pull with Fulwiley she is gonna lose her to the portal ain't no way u play her 3 mins she is just too good for that and u can tell she didn't like it when they showed her face on the bench

  17. Thank you sharing…. This was good, I love great games and a lil compact contact competition, this was good for them. Esp Cardoso gangsta coming out a few times, one at 1:20:45 . Dawn was smart not playing Fulwiley for the long haul, sure it would have been great to see her. It's crazy that people want to see SC downfall. All it does is make them play harder, if anyone want to be the best, show up and play'em… bc all that talking, lip and jaw action is for the birds. Thanks again for sharing, greatly appreciate it… as always Much love Stay lit 💯❤️🔥✌️

  18. As soon as I saw Déja get in front of Watkins on purpose so she would run into her then had the audacity to push Watkins and complain to the refs I knew how this game was going to be.

  19. Fulwiley is a talented player and will be a Gamecock great however she has to be trained how to prepare and to produce within the scheme of the team. Missing transition defense assignments and poor decision with taking shots are areas she has to work on. This is normal for a freshman. She will adjust but she has to learn the principles of time and score and letting the game come to her while playing strong team defense. Love her game and she will grow from this experience.

  20. It was such a good game and North Carolina gave us everything they could.

  21. SC only opponent is themselves. Wom a wide sided called game.

  22. Thank You Robbie, I Truly Appreciate You

  23. I expect nothing more from UNC than what #25 and #1 tried do with all the pushing.

  24. Well that was a stinking pile of doggy poo (except for Hall and Pao Pao shooting), but they can still win even when they put a stinking pile of doggy poo on the court.

  25. Great win gamecocks ❤❤ that #1 for unc was on the ground and push Ashley w and then Ashley was going to stomp a mud whole n her u know what

  26. Deja playing dirty at 24:22 why trip Raven? You don’t win when you play dirty. Glad Cardoso got her lick back with that block later on tho. lol

  27. Thanks for the upload Mr. Robbie 😊😊

  28. Fouls fouls fouls …my god I can't watch these types of games..Its like the refs were all on drugs or some shit.

  29. Thanks mr. Robinson for uploading the lady gamecocks gms..

  30. PaoPao and Hall were the MVP’s for South Carolina… Dawn should’ve replaced Raven for FulWiley

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