1 HOUR of the Best 2022 NBA Finals Highlights 🏆

All of the best moments from Games 1 through 6 of the 2022 NBA Finals from the Celtics and Warriors!

0:00 – Game 1
9:33 – Game 2
18:54 – Game 3
28:40 – Game 4
38:25 – Game 5
48:02 – Game 6

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  1. At 55:22 Thompson told Poole to shoot it but then he gets blocked lmao 😂 faf

  2. How are you going to allow the man walking all the way past the three pointer holding the ball up how would you allow that does have to be a foul

  3. Am I the only one that things Porter Jr just hit clutch shuts and hit timely shots when most needed

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  5. Does anybody think Seth curry if giving the opportunity could be as good as his bro

  6. 🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀

  7. Cant enough watching this great finals. Warriors deserved it

  8. I was just browsing Instagram, kobe appeared, I missed it…

  9. Klay was definitely super underrated in this series. What a great performance!

  10. I really don't understand why people though Boston would beat GSW in this series…they don't have the CHAMPIONSHIP EXPERIENCE. Maybe someday….but not today.

  11. Who woulda thought when Steph, Klay and Dray first became teammates. That one day they would be the only current players (incl. Lebron) to be 4x champs. Unlike lebron though, they’re in position to make that 5x champs.
    This is the most unlikeliest trio to dominate the league. 4 titles and throw in the most wins in a season record, all done in an 8yr span.

  12. HE won the finals mvp… and he gave all the credits to everyone in the whole team.. Purely humble and a true Leader..

  13. I watch this video….laughing to myself….knowing that CURRY SHUT ALL THE DOUBTERS UP…..especialy the hating aizz sports media. This team is EASILY the most hated team in NBA history…..but I LOVE em. 🙂

  14. I was scared for my warriors!😂 damn I miss this game

  15. Steph averaged 30 on the DPOY, that goes to show how great he is

  16. 38:16 Damm I Remeber watching this game seeing Tatum reaction at the end really shows showed how bad the Celtics played that games they missed so many easy buckets and we’re keeping up with the warriors after that game I think warriors got their groove together and just the Celtics weren’t fully ready to deal with a well organized nba dynasty

  17. Steph gets fouled on 3's so often and never gets the calls

  18. Poole in the game 2 tho,that boy getting paid

  19. Steph curry was "stupid" this series bruh, making threes whiles falling off was just insane, oh he most definitely up there Jordan and co.

  20. Splash bro Klay was low-key killing them too, he like the second silent killer brother in the family

  21. Kd must be pissed at himself right now y'all lol

  22. Wardell got with a woman who looks the exact same as his ex wife lmfao

  23. In clutch situations …… Give me Iguodala!

  24. Big fan of basketball. Rewatching highlights of the NBA and WNBA Finals of this year and the two teams that were hunting for fouls (Celtics and Sun) lost.

    Let that be a lesson: Just play the darn game!

  25. That's the guy that some other people hating. Say all you want but curry will still do his thing. Keeps splashing. 💦

  26. I’m so surprised the refs didn’t catch Jason Tatum carry at 3:43

  27. Job well done. What a great about game. Thanks. Steph Curry is a great leader in a row. I love that team cause they have greatest improvement in nba history. They dominate in most difficult era of basketball. But. Chicago 96. Lakers 92. Most effective teams in history. They truely changed the game. Magic Johnson and Michael Jordan are conquistadors of the game. Steph and Lebron 3rd and 4th you can replace them by the positions. Good stuff for the everyone who play. Boston were higher in a last season than they really can get.

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