🔥TOP 3 FREE Quest 2 Games🔥

🔥TOP 3 VR sHOOTERS YOU Need TO TRY! 2022 // Best VR Games For The Quest 2😮🔥#vr #quest2 #meta #oculus


  1. Top 3 FREE vr games
    i expekt u 2 die >:)

  2. I like pavlov as a game but the community is just the absolute worst I've seen in a while

  3. WAIT: gun raiders in my opinion is the most toxic community that i have been in


  4. I barely find a lobby in Pavlov where people actually play legiit. It's usually both teams meeting up being goofy which is fun at times. But i wanna actually play most the time.

  5. Pavlov is good on rc version but the player base ruin the game

  6. In like every game i join in pavlov is just people asking me for my gun then killing them and its so funny

  7. Actual title is "So your parents just bought you a Quest 2 and you're mad bc you don't already have a library"

  8. quick question
    are these on the standalone app store

  9. For anyone that is just seeing this reply to my message if u need help changing the version of ur pavlov so u can get the scopes and what not.

  10. Gorilla tag walks in the room with the swearing 4 yr olds

  11. whats that game at the very start of the video, that gun range game.

  12. The one bad thing about I expect you to die home sweet home is that ITS TWO MINUTES LONG

  13. Vrchat gorilla tag rec room:left the chat

  14. now you need to pay for i expect you to die so ignore that one.

  15. Yeah no. I expect you to die is great but this one specifically kinda sucks. It just really doesn't function well and many reviews of it said the same

  16. Don't get gun raiders community is very toxic

  17. Oh thanks I'm going to try these games out on my vr 😁😁😊😊

  18. does pavlov shack have tanks because i never saw a tank in pavlov shack

  19. as a pavlov player its worth the 4.2GB

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