🔥TOP 3 FREE Quest 2 Games🔥

🔥TOP 3 VR sHOOTERS YOU Need TO TRY! 2022 // Best VR Games For The Quest 2😮🔥#vr #quest2 #meta #oculus


  1. Pavlov shack is NOT FREE WTF

  2. Pavlov is 18 dollars last time I checked

  3. It is with money with pavlov shack

  4. Pavlov is not free because the full game came out it is 20 us dollars on quest 2

  5. Just refunded because they didn’t wanna be free anymore and zombies is not even on there

  6. Noooo they just added it in the shop for money now it’s not freee nooooo😢

  7. Pavlov is never free so this is outdated

  8. Update: Pavlov shack is no longer free 🙁

  9. Pavlov ain’t free anymore but at least they brought modding to the quest for 15 doll hairs

  10. Pavlov cost money now so don’t try to get it unless u wanna buy it

  11. Where the hell is hot dogs horseshoes and hand grenades

  12. Pavlov isn’t free anymore at least for multiplayer

  13. It's just shitty that you buy a 300€ quest 2 then you still have to buy games like 40€💀

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