🎮🕹️👉Galaga – Gameplay Arcade 1981

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  1. Came here after hearing a girl that sneezed 12,000 times a day every single sneeze sounded like this damn game

  2. I'm 24 and this is my favorite game!

  3. J'y jouait beaucoup en 1985 quand j'avais 15 ans 🇨🇵🇨🇵🇨🇵🇨🇵

  4. I beat the high score several times years ago

  5. How many of you play Galaga more than Pacman???

  6. how does he heart all of these!
    i really think galaga is simple yet amazing

  7. the only reason i know about this game is because my grandpa had an arcade machine with this game on it. crazy.

  8. Really glad Galaga existed as it spawns the excellent 88 version too

  9. Memórias de um tempo que ficou para trás 🥹🥹

  10. I remember playing this game on my used ps3 when I was 10 years old ! 😁

  11. I'm honestly suprised that i don't see any comment reference from The Avengers

  12. I clocked this machine in 1985 in front of a good audience at the local pinny parlor. After stage 99 it goes back to stage one. Had over a million points. Lots of twenty cent pieces and waisted time to get to that level lol

  13. Anyone else remember trying to get a triple ship?

  14. Super nostalgic. Every single time I visit my sister I play this game on her plug & play. I really need to get one. LOL

  15. This would be a lot easier without all those missiles flying at you

  16. I remember spending all of my pocket money on this back in the day.

  17. My family used to play this on the Nintendo Wii, and those “grabbers” used to scare me.

  18. What a great landmark in gaming history😀. I find it so amazing that so long ago, you would see kids from all around gathering at the arcade downtown. It’s a blessing that you can still buy these arcade games today. I remember when I was little I had a controller that could hook up to the TV, it had both Pac-man and Galaga. Such fun times🙏.

  19. Can I get a like for the og Galaga players!

  20. just payed this at a peter pipers pizza it was awesome

  21. My teacher just showed me this game today!! It was so fun

  22. The good old days were you hook it from the TV

  23. Clássico dos clássicos esse jogo, q sdds

  24. I always felt bad when one of my guys would be captured, then I would accidentally shoot them. This game is a masterpiece!

  25. I remember the hours playing this on GBA.

  26. 6 years ago and your still active? Well it's nice to see that lol

  27. I found this game out from playing in the hospital(I'm still here and it's my 13th day here..)

  28. I wish I played this game at the arcade

  29. this brings back memories..i'm in my 50's now!…loved playing this in the arcades wuth all my mates….the good old days!!!

  30. REPoh REPoh REPoh


    Dyow dyow Dyow

    Doot doo doo doo doo!

  31. Carlos Henrique Torres Da Silva E Maria 👨‍👧 says:

    Otimo Jogo ❤

  32. The machine would call out to you unmanned….with the ebullient sound effects,incanting you to play….

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